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Originals: Most of my original paintings are available for purchase. All artwork is sold unvarnished and unframed unless otherwise specified. Prices and other specifications can be found by clicking on the painting image in the gallery. Price is determined by a combination of painting size, time, and difficulty. Price does not include shipping. To inquire about ordering an original painting, e-mail me!


Commissions prices are negotiated according to the specific constraints, specifications, and vision of the project. The prices for originals can serve as a rough pricing guide, but prices may vary outside of this price range at the artist's discretion.

Giclée Prints of any of the art on this website can be made to order. Listed below are prices for prints on somerset paper and on canvas, respectively. Prices do not include shipping.

5"x7" ------------- $35/$45

8"x10" ------------ $40/$50

6"x12" ------------ $45/$55

9"x12" ------------ $50/$60

5"x15" ------------ $55/$65

11"x14" ----------- $60/$75

10"x20" ---------- $70/$85

12"x16" ----------- $75/$90

16"x20"----------- $110/$125

Icon prints (on somerset) cost slightly more, as they are touched up by hand with gold paint, and hand-signed and numbered. For icon orders:

5"x7" -------------- $45

8"x10" ------------ $50

9"x12" ------------ $60

5"x20" ------------ $70

To inquire about ordering an original painting, e-mail the artist! 

***Prices are subject to periodic re-evaluation and adjustment***