Buildings and Cityscape Paintings

Click on image for more information about size, availability, pricing, etc. Prices listed are for unframed, unmatted paintings.

Holiday in Jewelers Row
400 S. 43rd St.
University City Rowhouses
Chinatown Friendship Arch
Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral
Philadelphia Skyline from South Street Bridge
The Dandelion
4400 Larchwood Ave.
Green Line Cafe
4406 Pine St.
500 S. 45th St.
4400 Larchwood Ave.
44th & Larchwood
Liberty Place
Philadelphia Evening
St. Francis' at Dawn
West Philadelphia Rowhouses
Woodland Walk
The Invisible Building
The Gables
Growing a Stop Sign
Nebraska State Capitol at Dusk
Memorial Stadium
The Arch
Anchored to Home
Night lights
Red Cottage on Monhegan Island
Isle of Springs Boathouse
Schuylkill at Dusk

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