About the Artist

painting photo.jpg

I'm a self-taught painter working in acrylics on canvas and paper. I specialize in realistic still lifes. Using small brushes, careful color selection, and abundant patience, I execute lifelike depictions of fruits and vegetables, glassware and pottery, stained-glass lamps, and other household objects. I also paint a wide array of subjects, including architecture, urban cityscapes, and landscapes, drawing especially from the places I've lived and regularly visit, such as Philadelphia, coastal Maine, and upstate New York. In addition to these subjects, I have a popular series portraying beloved and revered science fiction characters in the style of Byzantine icons.

I've participated in numerous fine arts and craft fairs in Pennsylvania, including the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, Manayunk Arts Festival, and Bellefonte Arts and Crafts Fair. I am currently exhibiting paintings at State College Framing Company and Gallery, and I've recently exhibited work at the Bellefonte Art Museum, The Villages in State College, and Harvard’s Center for the Study of World Religions.