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Commissioned Works

Prices are negotiated according to the specific constraints, specifications, and vision of the project. Price is determined by a combination of painting size, time, and difficulty. I work with customers to find a size and project to fit their budgets! Below are some examples of previously commissioned works.

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Henrick's Martini
Crown Royal Peach
Raouche Rocks
Blue Church
First Pour
Green Line Cafe
Grand Teton
Mars Excavation
Chez Sheckton
Chez Hudson
Following Seas
Horse #1
Horse #2
St. Chewbacca
St. Boss Nass
St. R2-D2 and St. C-3PO, Madonna an2
St. Anakin, Redeemed
Jabba the Hutt's Last Supper #2
The Mandalorian
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