Discounted Paintings

Click on image for more information about size, pricing, etc. Prices listed are for unframed, unmatted paintings.

Night lights
Garden Path
Lobster Cage
Shells on the Beack
Galilean Sunrise
King of the Hill
A New Settlement
Along the Shore at Ft. Williams Park
Foliage in the Spring
Autumn Falls
Rush of Spring
Flowers and Jerusalem Stone
Duckweed and Spanish Moss
Eagle Nebula
How to Tie a Bowtie
Transparent Strategy
South Pointe Pier
Night Shuttle
Mirror Lake
Tracks to Infinity
Dead Sea from Ein Gedi
Summer Storm
Sunset over a Placid Lake
Cows Grazing
White-Breasted Nuthatch
Indigo Bunting
Pear, Grapes, and Strawberries (Set of 3)
Floating Leaf